Hand Sewn Weft Extensions

Wefts resemble a fine curtain of hair, and they are applied by hand sewing them onto a tiny braid of your existing hair. We choose to only use quality hair wefts sourced from Europe or from select suppliers in India.  


  • Very gentle on your natural hair.
  • Provides a natural looking even veil of hair.
  • Time and cost effective application and maintenance.
  • Excellent for fine or delicate hair which may not cope well with other methods of application.
  • Good quality wefts will last up to 3 years.

Individual Keratin Tip / Fusion Extensions

This technique uses individual extensions (approximately 25 strands of hair) which are ‘bonded’ to your existing hair near the roots.


  • This technique gives you greatest creative variety of size, placement and colour blending.​
  • Well concealed giving an overall natural look.
  • Long lasting (up to 6 months).
  • A high level of knowledge from your hair technician, taking into account hair growth patterns and hair density, ensures a great result- and this is why seeing an expert matters!
  • Can be purchased pre-formed or custom made in-house.

Ring System Extensions

The ring system works by securing additional hair to your existing hair with tiny metal or plastic rings.


  • The extension hair can be applied and removed much more easily than bonded methods.


  • Bonds can tend to be more obvious, but this is a great option for those wanting flexibility with their extensions, and correct styling will counteract this issue.


Tape Extensions

With Tape Extensions, hair is attached directly to the customer’s hair using a special double-sided tape.


  • Tape Extensions are an extremely quick method of applying hair extensions.
  • This method also sits very flat on the scalp, ensuring an unnoticeable finish.

Overall, there are many different options available to you and we will consult thoroughly to ensure we choose the method that will suit you and your lifestyle best.