Hair Extension In-Depth Complimentary Consultation

At Paris Texas Hairdressing, we know there are many factors that will contribute to your experience with hair extensions.

There are so many things that you need to consider when getting hair extensions, including hair quality and origin, application techniques, maintenance and initial and ongoing pricing.

That is why we offer answers to all over your questions, because we know the right advice will serve you well long term. We provide this on the house, as it matters to us that you make an educated decision about what is going to suit your needs best.

Our hair extension process begins with a complimentary 30 minute consultation with one of our highly experienced hair extension specialists.

We carefully examine your own hair, and consider the style and look that you are hoping to achieve, and your preference.

Next, we produce a custom designed detailed report for your hair extensions, taking into account your goals and desired budget. We will keep these recommendations on file for 10 weeks following your consultation.

Should you wish to proceed with your custom service a booking can be made for the initial application. We will require a deposit will be required and order or custom make your hair weft.

Please allow around 48 hours if we are ordering hair on your behalf, or up to three weeks if we are creating a custom weft for you in-house.

Your peace of mind and overall happiness is so important to us, allow us to answer all of your questions and work out what is right for you!