Premier Hair Extension Experts

Paris Texas is the most experienced hair extension salon in Queensland, with over two decades of experience.

We are experts in multiple techniques and application methods, ensuring our clients have access to exactly what meets their needs. Our precision and many years of experience has given us a reputation in Brisbane, and further afield, as the place to visit for extensions done beautifully.  Much of our work in this field actually arrives as direct referrals from other hairdressers who know and love the quality of our work.

We are also proudly truly independent- we are not tied to a single supplier or technique which means we can offer a customised solution rather than promoting only one type of extension service.

We draw from our network of both local and international suppliers to provide peerless high quality hair, which enables us to offer value for money to our clientele.

Our work is 100% guaranteed and our service is without parallel. Our advice is always based on proven expertise and a genuine willingness to help you achieve your most beautiful hair ever. 

Because Paris Texas Hairdressing specialises in expertly applied, high quality hair extensions, we highly recommend considering our skill and reputation if you are someone who wants the best.

While there are many salons offering hair extensions, many use low quality hair and perform a ‘one-size-fits-all’ application technique. We have seen the aftermath of incorrect or rushed applications, and this is why we choose to only offer the finest quality natural human hair and a variety of application techniques, all performed by fully qualified hairdressers specialising in hair extensions.  

We truly believe you will not find better hair extensions in Queensland. Our reputation, both in the industry and from our clients, will give you a great idea of how confident we are at delivering exceptional results!