Premium Russian Hair Extensions

If you are looking for the highest quality in hair extensions, you cannot go past Russian Double-Drawn virgin hair wefts, they are the absolute benchmark in quality. 

The reason that Russian hair is so highly valued for extension use is that this is the only hair on the market of European origins.  Most hair extensions are sourced from Asia, India or South America, all which have a thicker, rougher texture than Russian hair. Russian hair is much softer, finer and silkier in texture, which provides a superior match for most customers of European ancestry.  

Russian hair is also absolutely unprocessed. This makes it more realistic, highly resilient and able to maintain its quality for much longer. This is what is meant by ‘virgin’ hair. Russian hair only comes in natural tones (no platinum blondes!)

High quality Russian hair wefts last most clients two to three years.

This can often be extended ever longer if good care is maintained, quality hair care products are used consistently and heat styling and colouring is avoided. 

We regularly highlight wefts for clients to achieve lighter colours.  This will, of course, mean that the hair is no longer virgin and the longevity of the wefts is affected.

We apply wefts using a hand-sewn method.  This application method is the most gentle on your own hair. No glues, sticky tapes or metal clamps. Removal takes a fraction of the time compared to tape or individual extensions. Reapplication takes around one hour in the majority of cases.

Russian hair is more expensive than other hair extensions available. The initial investment is higher, however the ongoing maintenance is significantly cheaper.

Russian hair consistently looks more natural, feels beautiful to touch, and is extremely easy to manage because of its superior condition. 

The majority of our long-term extension clients use Russian quality hair applied with the hand-sewn method, for the most beautiful and lasting results.