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Paris Texas is regarded as Brisbane’s premier hair extension salon - and has been for over 20 years. Ashlee Cunningham, the creative director/owner has a wealth of experience in this field and has evaluated and sourced suppliers locally and internationally in order to provide clients with the highest quality human hair. 

At Paris Texas our team will talk with you, giving honest advice guided by years of experience and extensive knowledge of application methods. Which is just what you need before committing to a big investment like extensions! Be confident, Paris Texas have literally done thousands of hair extensions and with our team of professionals, you are in the safest of hands.

Our clients come back to us from all over Brisbane and Queensland. Some travel from interstate or even further. In fact,  some of our clients are hairdressers themselves! They choose to come back to Paris Texas because they quickly discover we know what works, what is and isn't possible and that we can confidently recommend the extension system best suited to their needs. 

Methods we love

Weaving OUR SPECIALTY, a weft extension is hand sewn onto a small braid. 

Perfect for people wanting to grow their hair (these babies protect your natural hair, promoting growth) or wear hair extensions long term. Our application is always pain free! The attached hair weft can last for years (conditionally) and maintenance is only necessary every 4-6 weeks.   

What are the best wefts?  At Paris Texas we can offer the absolute best hand made, ethically sourced wefts custom made to match the natural texture of your hair from 

genuine Russian Slavik human hair or similar high quality hair.

Keratin Bonds  a system of hair strands (about 20 hairs per bond) that are heat bonded to your hair. Good for very short hair or for people that want a system requiring less regular maintenance.  We use and are a Great Lengths accredited salon.

Micro Beads a system of hair strands (about 20 hairs per bead) that are placed into a small metal bead/ring with your hair and pressed together. Good for adding colour variation and volume to medium length or longer hair. Not recommended if you generally have oily hair.

Tapes a system of 2 x 4cm wide strips that get pressed together with a small mesh of your hair in between. Popular temporary service. We use and are a Great Lengths accredited salon.

Be aware that many salons apply Tapes because it's easier. Unfortunately, some less skilled salons apply these in a way that can damage your natural hair. 

We 100% guarantee the extensions we provide and our work are of a professional standard.

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