Hair Extensions Brisbane

Why You Should Get High-Quality Human Hair Extensions in Brisbane

Whether you want to give your natural hair a break from heat treatment, can’t wait for it to grow or desire to change up your look for fun, our hair extensions in Brisbane are an ideal solution. We offer a selection of hair extension methods including hand-sewn weaves, keratin bonds, microbeads and tapes. Our professional, skilled and qualified staff ensure that you receive a premium service.

A Short Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing Hand Sewn Hair Extensions

Discover our advice and tips for achieving stylish hair with hand-sewn extensions.

  • The process: The method of implementing hair extensions is achieved by braiding your hair and then sewing the extensions onto your head with a needle and thread. Your braids need to be firm for the extensions to be secure, yet they should not cause you pain. Be sure to tell your stylists immediately if they are uncomfortable as it is easier to adjust your braids before sewing on the extensions.
  • Give your natural hair a rest: A weave is a quick and easy way to add length to your hair compared to waiting for your hair to grow. This method helps to promote healthy hair growth as you will be giving your natural hair a rest from the pressures of heat styling such as blow-drying or straightening. It is also an ideal system if you want to wear hair extensions long-term.
  • Be bold: Hair extensions come in a range of different lengths and colours so you can easily change up your look and try something new 

What Sets Paris Texas Hairdressing Apart Regarding Hair Extensions

We provide each client with a customised style in a relaxed boutique salon.

  • Qualified professionals: Your hair extensions will be administered by a highly experienced and qualified stylist. We have a wealth of knowledge surrounding application methods and give professional and honest advice for ensuring that you receive the best technique for your lifestyle.
  • Selection of methods: We have a variety of methods for applying hair extensions. Our friendly staff will help you determine the best technique for your desired outcome. We are highly skilled in the application of hair extensions using weaves, keratin bonds, microbeads and tape.
  • Ethically sourced hair extensions: You will receive top-quality extensions made from human hair. These products are ethically sourced from local and international suppliers to ensure that you get a beautiful, natural-looking result.

About Paris Texas Hairdressing Guarantee

We have been providing our clients with premium hairdressing services for more than 20 years. Our staff are highly qualified and skilled and provide excellent one-on-one care. We give professional advice to ensure that you receive a hairstyle that suits your personality, looks superb and is easy to manage for your lifestyle. We guarantee that you will receive beautiful, ethically sourced hair extensions made from real, human hair. Contact us today to book a consultation with our friendly and professional team of stylists.