Micro Bead Hair Extensions Brisbane

Give Your Hair Vibrance with Micro Bead Hair Extensions in Brisbane

Hair extensions are one of the best ways that you can add both style and substance to your hair, and our micro bead hair extensions in Brisbane are an excellent way to incorporate them into your beauty regimen. These low-maintenance extensions are ideal for those with medium to long-length hair. When you try them for yourself, you’ll be pleased with the results due to their benefits and customisation options.

Benefits of Micro Bead Hair Extensions

If you’ve never had hair extensions before, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. These cosmetic accessories help you gain greater control over your hair while exploring new possibilities.

  • You can try new hair colours without the commitment of a colour treatment. For example, you can get blonde extensions and blend them into your natural brunette hair. Depending on how you like the look, you can switch out those extensions for another colour or use them as inspiration for a more dramatic change.
  • Build your hair up to a luxurious thickness. If you have naturally thin hair or your hair has begun to thin, then you can add volume with a few well-placed extensions.
  • Some people have hair that refuses to grow past a certain point or have had haircuts that took off more than they’d requested. In either case, our micro bead extensions can help add those several inches needed to get your hair to your desired length.
  • All of our hair is of a high quality and is ethically-sourced, human hair. We accept no substitutes for our hair extensions and have what it takes to custom-make hair extensions designed to precisely match your hair’s natural texture.

How to Customise Your Micro Bead Weft Hair Extensions

You’re a unique person, and no one matches your style exactly. Whether you’re still searching

for the ideal hairstyle or you have a particular style in mind, Paris Texas Hairdressing can help


  • Our stylists each have extensive experience working with all kinds of hair. As hairstyling is one of those skills that takes both extensive training and hands-on experience to truly accomplish, we only allow fully qualified staff to administer services at Paris Texas Hairdressing.
  • Rely on our professional skills. The most specific and in-depth hair treatments demand stylists who focus on a particular set of skills. The team at Paris Texas Hairdressing is filled with stylists who truly know their tasks. When you meet your stylist, you’ll benefit from the years they’ve spent helping people just like you with these exact techniques.
  • Build a relationship with your stylist and receive one-on-one care. The best way to cultivate your style is to do so with someone you’ve grown to trust through their proven ability and insight. By returning time and again to your preferred stylist, you can get even more from your visits.

Why Trust Paris Texas Hairdressing Regarding Micro Ring Hair Extensions

We’re Brisbane’s leading hair extensions salon for over two decades. People have sought us to

provide cruelty-free hair-care with high-quality cosmetic products. Hair extensions are the ideal way to try out new styles, keep your hair looking good, and take an ecologically responsible approach towards beauty. Contact us today to learn about this elegant treatment and book your appointment.