Permanent Hair Straightening

Why You Should Smooth Your Locks with a Permanent Hair Straightening Treatment

You can save time getting ready in the morning when you smooth your locks with our permanent hair straightening treatment. Our professional stylists can help your hair to look and feel healthier with our salon keratin treatment that can repair damage, reduce frizz, curls and wild flyaways.

Fun Facts About Keratin Straightening in Brisbane

Consider these fun facts about our hair straightening service in Brisbane.

  • Keratin treatments are less damaging to your hair than daily heat styling: While we do apply heat to your hair during the treatment process, this one-time application will be less harmful to your locks over time. If you use a heat styling tool every day, it will continuously dry out your hair and make it prone to breakage. A keratin treatment will let you set aside the need to use a straightener daily which will save you time and cause less damage to your hair.
  • Smooth hair can improve the look of a short haircut: If you desire to cut your hair short yet your natural frizz is stopping you, consider a smoothing treatment before the chop. Straighter hair can take your short chop to the next level by sitting just right and can save you taming your frizz in the morning.
  • Avoid sulphates and prolong your treatment: You can help care for your locks and extend the life of your keratin treatment by avoiding hair products with sulphates and minimising your number of swims in the ocean.

Our stylists will give professional after-care advice to help you get the most value out of your

keratin treatment.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Keratin Smoothing Treatment

When having a keratin smoothing treatment, think about this advice

  • Know your expectations: The results for a keratin smoothing treatment will vary depending on your type of hair and some salons use different names for the process. Tell your stylist your expectations for your smoothing treatment, whether you want straight hair or some curl with no frizz. Having realistic expectations and understanding the treatment will help to avoid disappointment.
  • Treatment will benefit every hair type: Even if your hair has some wave to it after treatment, you will still save time on your styling routine and reduce the daily heat damage on your locks. If your hair is naturally straight, you can decrease your blow- drying time by up to 60%.
  • Select a salon that cares about the health of your hair: Our professional stylists are skilled and trained in the correct application of our keratin service. This knowledge ensures that your smoothing treatment results in healthy hair.

Why Should You Visit Paris Texas Hairdressing?

Our boutique salon team has more than 20 years of experience styling Brisbane clients. We offer professional and honest advice to ensure that you receive the best service to suit your personality and lifestyle. Our experienced and qualified stylists have extensive knowledge of

keratin smoothing treatments and will ensure that you are delighted with your results. Contact us today to book your hair smoothing treatment